Queue prime


AWESOME Offices and Clinics DO NOT let  PEOPLE get stuck in a room waiting for their services. QUEUE PRIME is the answer.


Manage Your Office or Clinic Queues

Queue Prime mobile queuing system lets you manage your Office or Clinic queue conveniently and efficiently, while enabling your Clients or Patients to manage their own time before their turn for your services in your queue. 

It's about making your Clients and Patients know that you value their time and well-being

Your Clients and Patients can #SkipTheWaitingRoom and still #BeOnTime for their appointments, stress-free!

Awesome Patient Care

Queue Prime enables your Clinic to provide awesome Patient Care, even before the Patient sees the Doctor, by letting them to skip the waiting room before their appointment, if they choose to.

Awesome Client Care

Queue Prime enables your Office to provide awesome Client Care, by giving them the choice on where and how to spend their time while allowing them to be on time for their appointment for your services, without the inconvenience of having to wait involuntarily in your waiting room.

For Offices

2. Sign-in to Google

Sign-in to Google to be able to register your Office and manage your queues. 

It's that easy!

3. Display QR Code

Make your Office QR code generated by the app available to your Clients. 

For Your Clients

1. Your Clients can DOWNLOAD Queue Prime for FREE!

2. Get added to the Office Queue

For Offices and Clinics that have Queue Prime for Offices, Clients can get themselves added to their Office's queue.

3. Scan the Office QR code

Clients can scan the Office QR code with the app, so they can be on time for their appointment for your services, without the hassle of waiting in your waiting room. 

It's convenient!

Want your own mobile queuing app with your own brand for your Clients or Patients? Just drop an email, and tell us your requirements!